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According to the inscriptions, the temple was in existence even before 1172 A. D. between several kings who have prevailed in this square Sri Krishna Deva Raya endowed with large pieces of land for the maintenance of the temple. The zamindars of Amaravathi, Chilakuripet Narsaraopet, and several others have given generously to the development of the temple. The height of the Konda Kotappa Kotappa or Hill 1587 feet and the temple of Sri Trikoteswara we want is to the height of 600 feet.
There are three different ways to climb up the hill. The devotees especially climb on top of the form that has been obtained by the Sri calculated Rayulu Rajamal Narasimha Raju. One of the most fascinating aspect of the hill is that in all the angles, i could see that three summits and, therefore, is called "Trikoota Hills" and the God who is taxed in the is famous as Trikoteswara we want.
These three peaks are known under the name of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra. Anent the legend, Lord Shiva after having destroyed "Daksha Yagnam" peace prevails and becomes a boy of 12 years and with much of austerity has begun penance as Dakshana Kailasam Murthy in. Then, Lord Brahma and other Gods appraoched and offered the prayers to Dakshana Murthy and begged to disseminate the knowledge of the "Brahma".  Murthy Dakshana therefore agreed and invited them to come to Trikoota hills has been reported where the knowledge of "Brahma" making the hills very sacred.
Since Dakshana Murthy observed, no marriages of strict celibacy take a seat in this temple. There is still another folklore of Yellamanda Salankayya of village was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and livelibhood eking their from the sale of wood heating. With the result of the ownership of devotion to the Lingam to Rudra Hills has become rich. One day during the execution of sentence, has been seen Devara Jangama.
In recognition of the devotion of the Devara Jangama Salankayya used daily to visit his home and consume milk. After a certain time Devara Jangama disappeared. Salankayya registered for you in every nook and corner of the region and could not be in any place. In a impetus of disappointment, Salankayya adopted to take any food and water. As the matter was established as well, there is a lived Vacher called Kundiri Sundudu with his wife in southern part of hills Trikoota.
They had a beautiful little girl named Anandavalli. Their parents have become rich shortly after his birth. Anandavalli is deeply committed to Lord Shiva and was not interested in her Profane life. Always has dedicated his time to sing the glory of the Lord Shiva and used to offer prayers to old Koteswara Hills that had refused to change their way of life and has initiated the penance for Sri Koteswara we want. Pleased with his penance Devara Jangama appeared before her. It has come to know Devara Jangama was, nothing more than a person, that serves to take advantage of the milk in the Room of Salankayya. From there that daily visited Rudra Hills and after the implementation of heavenly bath offered milk and part-took the balance.
Salankayya come to know the presence of Devara Anandavalle appraoched Jangama and and he requested to see that Devara Jangama showers blessings on him. Anandavalle could not grant l Request of Salankayya as had been committed in its deep of penance. After a certain time, in the hot summer Anandavalle used to visit Rudra Hills to perform the prayer. One day there was a bottle of water for bathing and heavenly after the keep in a safe place will obtain "leaves "Maredu. Then came a Corbeau and assit on the bottle, and with its weight the bottle is reduced to lay the body of water. BECOME Anandavalle furious and curses, that any tariff should enter in the area. Then, starting from and until now no Crow appears in the Rudra Devara Jangama Hill.satisfied with his penance has appeared and gave us his divine knowledge. This had not in any way was a departure from his concentration and has also requested that he as God and as well as his GURÚ.
Jangama Commisserated Devara, in his penance and you wish to lead a life of profane. With his divine power, he made his compound if he was single. Early in your pregnancy, has carried out his daily prayers as usual. Aghasted to its strong devotion Devara Jangama appeared again and told him that he has no need to take both problems in implementation and poojas promises come to your house where he could make his plea and asked him to proceed without turning its back.
Anandavalle originates therefore toward his house and Jangama Devara fell from the mountains of Rudra and continued. After having reached Anandavalle Brahma Hill, has lost its patience and returned. Jangama Devara immediately recalled his promise and was enacted in Brahma Hills and penetrated into the cave of the hill and was transformed into Lingam. The same sacred place is now called temple Koteswara most frequently used. Anandavalle also visited there and, in the interval, delivered a boy. The Commission repented of his action of see return despite prudence given by Devara Jangama and decided to put an end to his life. In a moment of above thought, that invades the spirit of the newborn boy disappeared from the scene.
Then you have noticed that your pregnancy and delivery of a boy were the creation of Devara Jangama to test their reverence toward the. He felt very happy as it has been obtained thanks to all the reviews and became one of the trails in the God.
About Temple
Kotappakonda approximately temple, the remains of temporary Trikoteswara we want, is a village, 13 kilometers south-west of Guntur Narsaraopet in the district. Its native name, but is more popularly known as Kondakavuru Trikutaparvatam Kotappakonda or, a three-peaked hill nearby. Although surrounded by other hills, the three hills, also known as the name of Trikutadri Trikutachalam or, you can be clearly views to distance from any direction. Three peaks are named after the hindu Triumverate, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. The headings to Kotappakonda clearly affirm that the Deity established in the form of Sivalinga on the Summit of the hill is known as Trikoteswara Trikuteswara or. A series of steps lead up to the hill and marriage is situated at an altitude of 1,587 feet. There are a number of ponds in the hill of which eight are located in front of the temple.
Mahasivaratri, which falls in the course of February-march, is the most important festival celebrated here with great dedication and a fervor each year and a large number of faithful invade the place. The majority or village alive on the eve of Mahasivaratri. * CROWDS occupy every square centimeter of space in and around the hill. "Prabhas', rectangular profiles to sharp high made of bamboo and decorated with the color fabrics and paper, of different sizes are taken in procession in the framework of the festival. Most of them are from 60 to 70 feet tall and are transported by the devout. But the giant prabhas, that amounts to a height of more than 100 feet, are transported in decorated and illuminated tanks of oxen accompanied by a large following. It is located in a meadow at the foot of the hill. Large manpower, money and equipment is necessary to characterize these prabhas and foster a spirit of cooperation and unification encourage the villagers.
For the final which has been given a facelift with numerous facilities and attractions for not only the pious but an average tourist stay and serenity. The place is to become a major tourist attraction, offering "Mukthi Bhakthi Rakthi and " (entertainment, the devotion and salvation) to visitors. The provincial deputy and minister for health and medicine, Sri.Dr.  Sivaprasada Kodela Rao took a lot of initiative in the mobilization of funds from the Government, as well as the parts of the private sector to develop the place as an integrated project.
The compound of the temple and the Sanctum Sanctorum are renovated and Sringeri Peetham Swamiji related respect of marriage in the dedicated new premises. A "point of view" is typified in the corner of the hill in order to provide a comprehensive overview of cut the momentum of the environment.
A ghat road Norgate was built to facilitate the escalation and authorize the pilgrims take in and benefit from the generosity of nature in all its glory, instead of a painful climb steep markets and also to accommodate the growing number of visitors. The whole stretch of the road is informed and a deer park has developed in the way.
A small lake was established on the hill, representative "Nardhana Kaleeya", with the statue of Lord Krishna dancing on the head of Kaleeya (a poisonous snake.) was placed with special lighting effects in the middle of the lake. The water flows into the lake from a variety of watershed programs developed in many places in the hill, a wise blend of modernity with a past.
Another tourist attraction is the park from artificial mobile with dinosaurs of monstrous size developed by the private company to the cost of Rs. $1 Million. Sanctuaries for paons, pigeons, SMO and parrots was developed by the forest service. Four guest houses and 30 VIP rooms choultry was built by the stocks of material and the TTD Ministry to meet the needs of the tourists. All this has been done on a war footing in a little over two months.
Another aspect of the integrated tourism project is the meditation center, built in the model that in Mount Abu, on the top of the hill and a exclusivity "Yaga Shala" to make "Homam' (Holy Fire) with a spacious living room to eat.
On the wall are a CABLE RAILWAY to provide a view of the various tourist sites and a museum to house the artifacts that were discovered in the excavations.


Andhra Pradesh
Sri Trikoteswara Swami Vari Devasthanam Kotappakonda, Narasarao Pert, Guntur (Dt) Andhra Pradesh. Ph: 08647-43133(On the hill), 08647-47111(Down the Hill).
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Open Year
1172 A.D
1587 feet

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  • According to the inscriptions, the temple was in existence even before 1172 A. D. between several kings who have prevailed in this square Sri Krishna Deva Raya endowed with large pieces of land for the maintenance of the temple. The zamindars of Amaravathi, Chilakuripet Narsaraopet, and several others have given generously to the development of the temple. The height of the Konda Kotappa Kotappa or Hill 1587 feet and the temple of Sri Trikotesw

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