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Dwarkadhish Temple is situated on Gomti creek, is known as jagat mandir or trilok sundar. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Krishna. Originally believed to be built by Vajranabh, the great grandson of Lord Krishna.
The temple built more than 2500 years ago,  the Mahabharat epic as the Dwaraka Kingdom. Situated on the banks of river Gomti, the town is described in legend as the capital of Lord Krishna. Evidence such as a stone block with script, the way the stones were dressed showing that dowels had been used, and an examination of anchors found on the site suggest that the harbour site dates only to historical times, with some of the underwater structure being late Medieval. Coastal erosion was probably the cause of the destruction of what was an ancient port.
The current temple in Chalukya style is constructed in 15-16th century. The temple covers area of 27 metre by 21 metre with east-west length of 29 metre and north-south width of 23 metres. The tallest peak of the temple is 51.8 m high.
 It is a glorious structure seeming to rise from the waters of the Arabian Sea. Its exquisitely carved shikhar, reaching 43 m high and the huge flag made from 52 yards of cloth, can be seen from as far away as 10 km. The grandeur of the temple is enhanced by the flight of 56 steps leading to the rear side of the edifice on the side of the river Gomti. The temple is built of soft limestone and consists of a sanctum, vestibule and a rectangular hall with porches on three sides. There are two gateways, swarga dwar, where pilgrims enter, and moksha dwar, where pilgrims exit.
The Dwarkadhish temple and its Sikhar rises to 170 feet. The flag of the temple is changed three times a day. Pilgrims and devotees vie with one another to pay for the flag. There are special tailors to stitch it. Before hoisting the flag it is taken round the temple by the donor. The five-storeyed temple stands on 60 pillars. The pilgrims enter the temple by Swarg Dwar (the gateway of heaven) and leave by Moksh Dwar (the gateway of salvation).
Temple Timing : 7.00 to 12.30 and 5.00 to 9.30
How to Reach,
Road Way : Dwarka is on the state highway from Jamnagar to Dwarka. Direct buses available from Jamnagar and Ahmedabad.
Nearest Railway Station: Dwarka , Jamnagar
Nearest Airport : Jamnagar


Dwarkadhish Temple, Jagad Mandir Complex, Dwarka, Gujarat 361335
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Phone: 02892 234 080
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Near Cities
Nearest Bus Terminal
Jagad Mandir Complex, Dwarka
Nearest Railway Station
Jamnagar (JAM)
Nearest Airport
Jamnagar Airport
latitude : 22.465499880 longitude :70.012603760
Corporation : Jamnagar
Open Year
2500 years ago
51.8 m
Dedicated To
Visiting Hours
7.00 to 12.30 and 5.00 to 9.30

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