Sri Mammiyur Mahadevan Temple




Mammiyur Mahadevan Temple is situated in Guruvayoor, Thrissur district of Kerala.
There is a very simple and interesting legend behind the existence of Mammiyoor Temple. After the departure of Lord Krishna for Vaikunda concluding His Avtar, His abode Dwaraka was swallowed by the sea. His own Vigraha-idol designed by Himself was floating on the waves. The planet Jupiter - Brihaspathi who is known as Guru and Vayu were looking for a perfect place on the earth to consecrate the deity of Lord Krishna. Finally, during the quest, Guru and Lord Vayu reached the banks of a lake namely Rudratheertha, which was created by Lord Shiva. The lord was found to be sitting on a penance for a long time. The intention of the Guru and lord Vayu was understood by Lord Shiva, who suggested them to consecrate the idol of Lord Krishna on the banks of Rudrathirtha Lake. In order to do so, lord Shiva shifted to the nearby place that is the other side of the lake.
Mammiyoor Temple is a part of other 108 renowned Shiva temples in Kerala and also the one of the among five Shiva temples in the region of Guruvayoor, others being Chowwallur, Perunthatta, Perakam and Parambanthali. All these are considered to be the five faces of Shiva. Mammiyoor Temple features Lord Shiva with whole family that includes Goddess Parvathy, Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan. Bhagavathi as Parvathy has been installed behind Lord Shiva with their three sons. Snake gods - Nagas are also worshipped in this temple. 
Main Festivals Shivaratri and Thiruvathira are celebrated with great pomp and show.
Best Time to Visit - January – March.
Opening time: 7 AM - 12:30 PM  4:45 PM - 9.15 p.m. Sri Mammiyur Mahadevan temple
How to reach;
Nearest Railway Station; Guruvayur Railway Station and Thrissur Railway Station.
Nearest Airport; Calicut Airport.


Sri Mammiyur Mahadevan Temple Guruvayur, Thrissur district, Kerala - 680101.
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Nearest Railway Station
Guruvayur (GUV)
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Calicut International Airport
latitude : 11.136799810 longitude :75.955299380
Corporation : Calicut
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1000years ago
Visiting Hours
7 AM - 12:30 PM 4:45 PM - 9.15 p.m.

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  • Mammiyur Mahadevan Temple is situated in Guruvayoor, Thrissur district of Kerala.

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  • Sri Mammiyur Mahadevan Temple

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