Mandapeshwar Caves

Rock Cut Temple



The caves are probably have been built approximately 1500 to 1600 years, almost at the same time, as Jogeshwari caves.
The majority of the first hours of rock and rock gehauenen temple of art in India has been of monks. The monks were the missionaries of the revolutionaries of the message of the Buddha and the best places to disseminate the new news, where the knot of trade routes. Maharashtra and many of its hills in the Western Ghats adapted their purposes. The monks had been able to start or Gebetsraeume chaitya-grihas in caves, while the buildings and Weihstupas Wohnstätten for itself. In this case would be meditate and influence the vorbeifahrenden traders and all other, through. The hills around Mumbai were in the place of the sea Handelsrouten. During the occupation of the khaneri caves, Buddhist monks have held a place where you a ship of paintings. The cave was received by the Buddhist monks and then rented travel to painting. Persians The Buddhist monks has requested that the Persians to painting, the life of Lord Shiva.
The name of the cave Mandapeshwar means Mandap Pe Eshwar (portico of the painting of the Lord).
The sculptures in these caves are, it is estimated that in the same period as that of those who in the magnificent Jogeshwari more caves. Included greater and a prominent Garbagriha Mandapa temple.
This cave has been pronounced by the time of World War (when the soldiers used), the General People used to stay, first Portuguese is used as a place of prayer. These caves have witnessed a series of invasions of the surrounding fields by various rulers and each time that the caves were for another reason, sometimes even by such things as the box by the armies, or sometimes by refugees. During this period, the circuit paintings have been disproved considerably. After the invasion of Marathen in this area in the year 1739, the entire territory has been looted and burned. This meant the university, Church and any other building. Since years ago was to leave that area.
Somewhere In time the caves have been discovered again, that under the protection of the indians of archeology of the society.
The greater part of which can be seen in the walls, now, precisely, broken down, are sad memories remains of its glorious past. The Church (IC) and its church, cemetery, are above the cave of distance. These are the ruins of an old structure, above the caves. These ruins belonged to a church built much higher in the year 1544. These ruins is also under the protection of the indians of archeology of the society.
There are four rocks gehauenen Bildstöcke in Mumbai: Elephanta Caves, Jogeshwari caves, grottos, Mahakali Mandapeshwar Caves. The four caves have the same sculpture. The sculptures of Mandapeshwar developed, starting in the late Gupta Rico, or some time after. Elephanta Island was adopted by the Unesco World Heritage site in the year 1987, for the conservation of the works of art.
Mandpeshwer caves are sculptures of Vishnu, Justice Sadashiva and a beautiful sculpture of Ardhanarishvara. It has also been Ganesha, Brahma and Vishnu statuettes. These works of the mythical interviews of the gods and Hindu Göttinnen. Also today a sculpture expensive that the wedding of Shiva with Parvati can see by the large square windows in the southern end of these caves. The caves are as an archaeological heritage and are therefore, according to the law of protection.


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  • The caves are probably have been built approximately 1500 to 1600 years, almost at the same time, as Jogeshwari caves.

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