Kookal Caves

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Many of these wilderness areas and various wildlife may be seen while trekking in the area of Kookal. It is not safe to trek in the area without a local guide.
Kookal Caves
The Kookal caves are ancient rock shelters that show traces of and are believed to be home to the descendants of the original Palaiyar ("old river") tribes who used to wear leaf clothing. The caves are overhanging slabs of different types of metamorphic rocks called charconite and granulite.
To reach Kookal Caves, travel by bus from Kodaikanal to Poombarai and begin walking northwest. After walking through geranium plantations, and pine and wattle forest, the Kookal Forest Rest house can he reached. From there is a 8 kilometres trail to the Kookal natural rock cave formations on a hill top. This stretch is leech-infested and best avoided during the monsoon.
Kookal - Kudiraiyar Dam - Palani: This is a difficult hike. Though the distance is only 13 kilometres a good hiker will take about 5 hours. From Kookal, follow the foot-path leading to Pappampatti. After three kilometers this crosses the Kudiraiyar River and continues along the river. A waterfall 90 metres (300 ft) high can be heard to the left. Elephants are common here. You’ll walk though sholas, and deciduous forest. On getting to Kudiraiyar Dam, take a bus to Palani and back to Kodaikanal.
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Tourists are required to get permission from the Forest Department to visit Kookal or trek in the forest areas. A trekking map is available from them. Bison Wells Lodge has a panoramic view of the eastern slopes of Kookal ridge.
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