Arulmigu Kongu Vadukanathaswamy Temple




Sri vadukanathaswamy temple is an famous and ancient Temple. It is located in kundadam near dharapuram . Kundadam is located in dharapuram to palladam salai . It is 10 kms from dharapuram and 35 kms from palladam and 70 kms from coimbatore .
Once upon a time our vaduganathaswamy temple place is know as Hindu Forest at that time saint vidangar pray about lord Kasi Viswanathar.Due to some interruption , Lord kasiviswanathar send vaduga Bairavar to safeguard saint vidangar.After some long peroid,There is a sandpiller on the praying saint vidangar and vaduga bairavar.  Vaaniga chettiar'sare doing pepper trading with pandiyas and chera's.When the trading people of vaaniga chettiar's crossing the hindu forest,our vaduga bairavar wants to play with them.Vaduga Bairavar turns as a old bramin and request the traders,He wants pepper for his cough illness. The traders told , to that old pramin it is grengram.
When the traders attain madurai pandiyanadu,the pepper lags are turns as a greengram .The king ordered ,'penalize the traders'. At that lord vaduganathar told in the air,"I am changed the product". At time ,the king ashed to lord,if it is true,You will cure my son and daughters who are disabled and dumb.
  Lord vaduga bairavar replied to king ,"You come to hindu forest and see the saint vidangar and vaduga bairavar 's sandpillar's and pray than,you will fullfil your demonds".The king come and seen wonders at hindu forest and pray the saint and lord vaduga bairavar and esatablishd a temple for bairavar,vidangeswarar ,goddess visalakshi and somas kandar. Vaaniya chettiar's are also contributed their wealth and when he entered in to the temple , He could not returned each.His voice only hered from the core of temple. He attained Lord.
Now on 1952 the first renovation and kumbabeshegam was made and subsequently on 1995 and recently on 2008 the kumbabesegam done very well with all orthodoxical manner. This temple comes under HRCE Inspected division of Dharapuram. Every day three times Pooja’s are conducted in Sri Kalabairava Vadukanathaswamy temple.
Importent festivals: Purattasi Navarathiri Utchavam,Karthigai BiravaAshtami,Markali Dhanoor Pooja
Markali Thiruvadhi Utchavam,Deepavali,Dark Fortnight of every month,Kiruthikai,Tamil new year .
Temple Timing: 6.00 am To 12.30 pm and 4.00 pm To 8.00 pm 
How to Reach,
Road Way: Buses frequently available from dharapuram and palladam 
Nearest Railway Station: Mulanur Railway Station
Nearest Airport: Coimbatore International Airport


Tamil Nadu
Arulmigu Kongu Vadukanathaswamy Temple, Palladam to Dharapuram main road, Kundadam, Dharapuram (t,k) Tirupur Dist, Tamil Nadu
Contact Info
Phone: 04258-225366
Mobile :
Fax :
Near Cities
Nearest Bus Terminal
Nearest Railway Station
Mulanur (MAR)
Nearest Airport
Coimbatore International Airport
latitude : 11.029999730 longitude :77.043403630
Corporation : Coimbatore
Open Year
5000 year old
Visiting Hours
6.00 am To 12.30 pm and 4.00 pm To 8.00 pm

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  • Sri vadukanathaswamy temple is an famous and ancient Temple. It is located in kundadam near dharapuram . Kundadam is located in dharapuram to palladam salai . It is 10 kms from dharapuram and 35 kms from palladam and 70 kms from coimbatore .



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