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Kumari Amman Temple is 3000 years old temple of the goddess Kumari Amman is located in Kanyakumari. Kumari Amman is a form of Devi, popularly known as "Kumari Bhagavathy Amman".  Kumari Amman temple Durga Bhagavathy Temple is the first created by Lord Parasurama and Shakti 108 Peedas. This temple is located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Kumari temple was already in the Ramayana, and Purananooru Mahabaradha.

Kumari Amman has a shining diamond Nose Ring and it is visible, even from the sea. The House history says that this ring comes from King cobra. The light reflected by this nose ring mislead the mariner in the wrong way, lighthouse. To prevent this situation happens again, the eastern gate of the temple is always closed. The door will be opened only for some special occasions.
"Kumari Amman temple"

after Kanyakumari Amman temple

the temple is open every day from 4.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm. Cameras and videos are not allowed inside the temple. Shirts are not allowed for men and must be removed, while in the temple.

Annual Festivals:

Car Festival - in the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May/June)
as Navaratri - in the Tamil month of Puratasi (September/October)

Moolavar : Bhagavathi Amman (Devi Kanyakumari)

Urchavar : Thyaga Soundary, Balasoundary

Amman / Thayar : - Bhagavathi Amman (Devi Kanyakumari)

Theertham : Papanasa Theertham

Old Year: 1000-2000 years old historical

Name : Kumarikandam

City : Kanyakumari
district : Kanyakumari
state : Tamil Nadu

Bhagavthi Amman
Devi Kanya Kumari, known as Kumari Amman (the virgin goddess) is one of the forms of Devi. It is known in the vernacular as "Bhagavathy Amman".  Bhagavathy Amman temple is located in the Kanya Kumari (formerly Cape Comorin) at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. It is also known under several other names, including Kanya Devi, andDevi Kumari.


the worship of Devi Kanya Kumari is derived from the Vedic times. It was in the Narayana Upanishad (the Taittrya Arayanka) of the Yajur Veda. Here there is a hymn in the form of a Gayatri to the divine energy.
"Katyayanayai vidmahe
Kanya-kumarim deemahi Tan no Durgih procadayat"
of the Divine Mother in the temple at KANYA Kumari and worshiped as "Bhagavati" or "Devi Kanya Kumari" is the eternal ancient symbol of a Hindu nun. She holds a rosary in the prayerful spiritual ecstatic mood lit pure spiritual happiness. Their only goal is to achieve the "top" by the repetition of the name of God (mantra-Japa) and a model for the entire Hindu as microcontroller-programming an epitome of the eternal divine bliss.
Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), the modern Hindu holy India threw themselves in front of her in the December 1892 from their presence in Kanyakumari and only decided to go on a missionary work, his Master Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886) always to do it.

Swami Brahmananda (1863-1922) and Swami Nirmalananda (1863-1938, two other disciples of Sri Ramakrishna worshipped Devi Kanyakumari and got their blessing. In fact, Swami Nirmalananda brought several small girls from many parts of Kerala and made it the worship mother Kumari in-built 1935-36 period. To the surprise of all, seven girls from which you later were the members of the first group of nuns of the "SARADA ASHRAMA", a Hindu monastery in Ottapalam later began in 1948, a remote village in Kerala by Swami Vishadananda.

The author of the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea (60-80 N. a.d. ) Has written about the prevalency of the reconciliation of the divinity to Kanyakumari in the extreme southern part of India; "It is another place is called and a harbor, come those men who want to for the rest of your life, and the bathroom and living in celibacy and women also do the same, because it is told that a goddess once lived here and bathed."


many eons before Banasura, the demon King of the devas harassed and thrown into prison. Unable to bear his atrocities of the devas to the help of Mr Vishnu, the protector of the universe. He advised them, Pray to Goddess Parasakthi, banish him alone could. So the Devas began a "Yagna" to appease the goddess appeared and swore an oath, Banasura. It was predestined that only a virgin could kill Banasura, so she came here as a Kumari (Virgin) and began a penance for the achievement of the specific powers to kill Banasura before departure. Lord Shiva (Lord of the Suchindram Temple 11 km away) saw this beautiful virgin and wanted her as his wife. He let the Devas wanted to know this and you with the preparations for the wedding. The Devas, to have known about that only Kumari could kill Banasura, did not want the marriage to go ahead. So they sought the help of Naradha, the heavenly "Standard (as required) "trouble-shooter", to prevent this wedding.

Arrangements have been made for the marriage, and a favorable time has been fixed as of midnight on the day. On the appointed day, of which the Lord left Suchindram and travelled with his entourage to where the bride had his domicile. As he drew near, the Abode of the Blessed Virgin incarnation, Naradha played his trick. The thought that he heard the Lord the promising time and returned to his abode.

The goddess after Kanyakumari was waiting eagerly for the arrival of the bridegroom. If the bridegroom was disappointed, and not at all in a rage cursed all articles, ornaments, and the food that had been prepared for the wedding. They turned into sand and bivalve molluscs, along the coast. That is why you a wealth of colored sand and bivalve molluscs any form and along the sea front in the city. Banasura heard about the beauty of the virgin goddess and came to ask her hand in marriage. If the goddess refused, the demon King tries to take her. As he drew his sword of the goddess brought him with her "Chakrayutham" .The Devas were back to their kingdoms and to facilitate the Devas asked her to remain there is protection for them always.


lovers come to Kanyakumari temple with the main purpose of the first marriages were happy in the families. Your prayers are of the goddess.

It is also said that those who already have to Kashi Leuchs, worldclass mountainbike professional, from Kanyakumari after you should secure results. This is a hotel with a great importance for a refreshing dip in the waters here so that the trailer is unloaded their sins.

The 3000 year old Kumari Amman Temple at this place is the Virgin goddess Kanyakumari, the is available in the eternal guard to protect the country, is surrounded by a stone wall and stands on the edge of the ocean. The entrance to the House is through the northern gate, while the eastern gate always remains closed until some festival days, if divinity is for the ceremonial bath. The deity is toward the east.

Goddess after Kanyakumari is taken into account that, according to the legendary Banusura, the devil King got supremacy over Devas and riots against cruel punishment for you. The Devas performed a Yagna pleading for the eradication of the evil are. To Kumari goddess Parasakthi came in the form of a Virgin and began her penance. Now Lord Shiva fell in love with you and the arrangements for the marriage of the North were made in a given day. Now the divine sage Narada was clear that her marriage would destroy the chances of extinction Banusura because he could only be killed by a virgin. When Lord Shiva was on its way to Kanyakumari at Suchindrum Valukkamparai 5 km south of Suchindram, sage Narada assumes that the form of a cock crew and incorrectly as the precursor to the break of dawn. Think that the promising time for the marriage was disappointed again, Lord Shiva. The goddess also decided to remain Virgin. Then, if Banusura tries to win the goddess of strength, they killed him with your Chakragudha, and simplifies the suffering s of the devas. Then again it has its penance and still virgin.

After a stroll through the outer corridor and will exceed the as Navaratri Mandapam, the path leads to the second corridor encircling the shrine. At the entrance here, after Mass and exceed Kala Bhairawa to Lumbini for the good (known as Patal Ganga Teerth), the supporters of the Dhwajastambha (fllagmast).  From here you can get a clear picture of the Devi before you in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The Devi stands as a charming young girl in her penance with a rosary in his hand, and a shiny nose gem that shed silky sheen. It is assumed that the nose ring of Devi Kanyakumari set with pearls are so bright and you can see it from far away in the night. It is also said that some of the vessels in the lake, confusion with the splendour of the pearls for the light from the lighthouse, was shipwrecked off the coast have hit the rocks in the vicinity. In this vision of the eastern side of the temple door kept closed. The idol made of blue stone, it is assumed that installed from saw Parshurama.

After devotion to the goddess, pilgrims they face the courtyard, where the darshan of Indra Vinayak Savarkar, one. There is also a small shrine to Tyaga Sundari.


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Bhagavathi Amman Temple,Kanyakumari,Kanyakumari Dist,Tamilnadu.
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  • Kumari Amman Temple is 3000 years old temple of the goddess Kumari Amman is located in Kanyakumari. Kumari Amman is a form of Devi, popularly known as "Kumari Bhagavathy Amman".  Kumari Amman temple Durga Bhagavathy Temple is the first created by Lord Parasurama and Shakti 108 Peedas. This temple is located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Kumari temple was already in the Ramayana, and Purananooru Mahabar

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  • The Gandhi Memorial has been built on the spot where the urn containing the Mahatma's ashes was kept for public viewing before immersion. Resembling central Indian Hindu temples in form, the memorial was designed in such a way that on Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, 2 October, the first rays of the sun fall on the exact place where his ashes were kept.

  • The Thiruvalluvar Statue is 133 feet (40.6 m) tall stone sculpture of the Tamil poet and philosopher Tiruvalluvar, author of the Thirukkural. It is located on the top of a small island near the town of Kanyakumari on the southern most part Coromandel coast, where two seas and an ocean answer; the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian ocean .

  • Towards the end of 1892, after three years of wandering across the length and breadth of India, a young monk found himself at Kanyakumari, the southernmost point of the country. To quell the questions raging in his mind, he leapt into the sea and swam across shark-infested waters to reach a holy rock in mid-sea—the very last bit of Indian land.

  • The worship of Avvai locally known as Avvai Nonbu or Avvai Viratham

  • Muppandal is a small village on the southern tip of India in Kanyakumari District, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is located in a hilly region where wind from the Arabian Sea gusts through mountain passes. Muppandal devi temple situated in nagercoil thirunelveli state higyway near aralvaimozhi. Here manu windmill all are formed arround the temple.

  • Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhagavathi. It is located near Colachel in the (Arabian sea) western coast of Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. This is one among the most renowned and important Hindu temples in the district.

  • Kumarakoil situated at the foot hills of velimalai .Kumarakoil) is a small village in Kanyakumari district. Here is the famous Subrahmanya  Temple by the name of Velimalai Kumaraswamy Temple. The temple was built on a hill named Velimalai. Lord muraga and his consort Goddess Valli are the main deities. It is believed that they married here. It is built on a rocky terrain about 200 feet in height. The rock cut temple with stone carvings is a spl

  • Udayagiri is located at a distance of 14 km from Nagercoil town in Kanyakumari District. The fort is situated on the Thiruvananthapuram-Nagercoil National highway at Puliyoorkurichi. This was the most important military barracks of the Travancore rulers, when Padmanabhapuram was their capital. 

  • This beach is about 10 Kms from Kanyakumari,close to Sanguthurai beach.This is one of the best natural beaches of the district. The beach has shallow water and High sand dunes on the back ground.The Sotha Vilaibeach is one among the most important beaches in the district of Kanyakumari. The beach here stretches over 4 km which make it one among the longest beaches in Tamil Nadu. It is also one among the most seriously affected areas of the dist

  • Sanguthurai Beach is about 8 km from Nagercoil is a palm-fringed and sandy beach. It has a huge white pillar with a tiny black conch built during the Chola period. From this beach you can see as far as the Vivekananda Rock Memorial sharing space with the stone sculpture of Tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar. Serene, tranquil and beautiful, Sanguthurai Beach is ideal for a quiet evening. The beach looks particularly serene at sundown cast in a warm orang

  • The famous beach at Muttom is located about 16 kms from Nagercoil and 32 kms from Kanyakumari. Muttom is famous for its beautiful landscaping and high rocks dipping into the sea at the beach-side. The sun set view point at Muttom is one of the most Panoramic view points in the district. Another attraction of Muttom is the century old light-house built by the British. However so far this beautiful beach has always been unsafe for the tourists si

  • Kumarakovil, the Murugan Temple is located near Thuckalay, 15 km from Nagercoil.Presiding deity Lord Muruga is 10 feet tall standing majestically. It is said Valli Kalyanam –Lord Muruga’s wedding with Valli- took place here.

  • Marunthuvazh Malai Located on the Kanyakumari-Nagercoil highway. According to legend, Maruthuva Malai is a fragment of the Sanjeevani Mountain, which was being carried by Hanuman from Mahendragiri to Lanka for healing the fatal wounds of Lakshmana.

  • Hotel Singaar International extends on four hectares and is surrounded by the panoramic view of the Indian ocean. Its prime location and facilities call to visit the customers and for business travellers from different parts of the world! With more comfort, commendable service standards and a warm atmosphere, the hotel Singaar International is the first choice!

  • Hotel Sea View is a comfortable hotel, ideally located in the heart of Kanyakumari, few minutes from the Kanyakumari Bus Terminus. Each well appointed guest room has a private bathroom, television and a direct dial telephone. Room service is available 24 hours a day.



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