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Keela surya moolai, Surya Koteeswarar temple is located in Keela surya moolai, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu state, India.The main God here is Surya Koteeswarar and Amman is Pavalakodi Amman. 
Lohan payanataivataik with all the people who attended Pradosham to the Sun God, as far as not being able to attend worship Pradosham was nostalgia. The daily evening polututane Pradosham time! Since that time, the worship of the sun at sunset to be able to attend? His insult yaknavalkiya presented to the Sun God, the rishi. Rishi curiyapakavanitam learned from these scriptures. Rishi asked varuttattaik of the Sun God, consoled him. Then, in the corner of the sun in the solar system's daily worship kilac crores pirakacar took her concerns in the sun daily, and worshiped him. Sought to address the plight of his guru. Then, he learned from the solar pakavanitam for the fees of all the Vedas, Yoga vetakkani paskarac wheel results in the form of their enshrinement solar billionaire ordered his feet and dedication. Vedic rishi magical powers submitted a miraculous tree that grew in the solar billionaire's feet. Mahua tree itself. This is the temple of the local trees. 
Mahua oil extracted from the nut tree originated in Mahua iluppaik rishi began ideal lamp. The area became iluppa tree forest. Mahua oil daily from the trees, million earthen lamps are lit and began to worship the sun millionaire. This happened while Sandhya worship every evening. Worship time Pradosham the time, right? 
When the sun rose the next morning, the Sun God, this was all the result of the cult of Mahua oil tipankalait sight Pradosham legend. Talame varalarrukuriya this mythical corner kilac sun. 
The temple has shrines for Lords Ananda Dakshinamurthi, Shakti Vinayaka, Muruga with His consorts Valli and Deivanai, Mother Durga, Nagalingam and Chandikeswara.  Navagrahas with their vahans are in northwest corner shrine while Lord Bhairava and Sun God have their shrines in the northeast corner of Swami Mandap.
Sun God was sad that He could not participate in the Pradosha pujas dedicated to Lord Shiva as all the people have the luck.  Pradosha time means evening when Sun has to be on duty.  Moreover, it is His setting time.  He spoke to his disciple Sage Yagnyavalyaka who learnt all Vedas and Sastras from Sun.  He prayed to Lord Surya Koteeswarar to bless his Guru-Sun.  He encased all the powers of Vedas in the Bhaskara Chakra he made and submitted it at the feet of Lord Surya Koteeswara.  The lamps he lit with the Iluppai oil also helped Sun to have daily darshan of Lord without any breaks.
Sun God is worshipping Lord Surya Koteeswarar each day from morning to dusk. The shadow of Lord falls on the wall as a proof of this belief. Swarna Bhairava Bhairava temple called framing. While this Bhairavar tiparatanai pavalamani timid in his continent-scale exposure of red light, shaking it slowly, stirring us to say that the devotees of the display. 
The Bhairava pavalamani his neck all through the seven rays million solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are caused by error of the spectrum of murtis, stapler does address the belief of the devotees. Panattattupatu Besides, poverty, poverty pokkak able to enjoy the confidence of Bhairava. 
The only tune of Durga is a pedicure. This Durga has one of its legs forward. Welcoming the devotees coming to worship the goddess herself to come up as the temple priest explains the meaning. 
If the sun's fault blemish removal of those who anointed the Lord coconut water. Get peace of mind. A blind, cross-eyed vision, blurred vision, loss of vision, such as victims of the temple which is obviously really getting the benefits of sun worship millionaire. If you did not feed on the sins of our ancestors to the temple, so opt for the doshas. 
 In many churches the Lord's womb only a few days a year of sunshine spread. Civapujai olipatuvatai of the sun would be. But day after day on the temple of the sun god porkatirkal devotees say that miracle unseen anywhere to go beyond some minutes.
Important Festival: Maha Shivrathri in February-March.
Temple Timing: 6.00 am to 12.00 noon and  4.00 pm to 7.00 pm
How to Reach,
Road Way: 5 km east of Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district It is located in the temple. Tiruloki kancanur from Kumbakonam via bus to go down kovilaruke.
15 km east of Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district It is located in the temple. Tiruloki kancanur from Kumbakonam via bus to go down kovilaruke.
Nearest Railway Station: Thanjavur
Nearest Airport: Triche


Tamil Nadu
Sri Surya Koteeswarar Temple, Keela surya moolai, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 609804
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Nearest Bus Terminal
Keela Surya Moolai
Nearest Railway Station
Thanjavur (TJ)
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Triche Field
latitude : 29.983499530 longitude :-90.434799190
Corporation : Hahnvill
GPS Code : 1LA
Open Year
1000-2000 years old
Visiting Hours
6.00 am to 12.00 noon and 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm

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  • Keela surya moolai, Surya Koteeswarar temple is located in Keela surya moolai, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu state, India.The main God here is Surya Koteeswarar and Amman is Pavalakodi Amman. 



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