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Golden Temple - when uttered this word, immediately people thinks of Amritsar and the Highest Body of 

the Sikh's pride Golden Temple. But now it has got a good competition! Yes, an estimated over 600 Crores 
of Indian Rupees spent, to construct a true Golden Temple for Goddess Mahalakshmi, the presiding deity, 
(installed and maintained by Sri Narayani Peedam) in this Temple at Sripuram, which is situated 6 km away 
from the District Headquarters - Vellore, North Arcot District in Tamilnadu. Now, the temple is complete, 
open to the general public; this town Sripuram has all the facilities one can visit to enjoy his/her spiritual 
A Mahalakshmi temple called 'Sripuram' and made of more than a ton of pure gold will glitter and gleam 
under the sun on August 24 when it is unveiled for consecration by the Sri Narayani Peetam headed by a 
31-year-old god man who calls himself Narayani Amma. Devotees hail the temple as 'one of the wonders 
of the world' and say that it is the only temple covered fully with gold.
More than 400 gold and coppersmiths from the Tirupathi Thirumala Devasthanam are said to have worked 
for six years to craft the Rs. 600-crore golden temple located on 55,000 sq ft of land on a 100-acre 
salubrious stretch in Malaikodi, about 6 km from Vellore in north Tamil Nadu. According to official sources, 
the gold bars were purchased through RBI in "a transparent manner "
First the coppersmiths set to work creating a copper base on the temple structure with engravings and 
etchings before the gold, beaten into nine layers of foils, was draped around it. The sanctum sanctorum 
will hold the deity of Mahalakshmi made of stone granite, but covered with gold protection layers. 
(Kavacham - adornments).
The arrangements were being made to hire personnel to throw a security cover around the temple. "But 
the gold sheets have been laid out in such a manner that it would cost more to rip it off than purchase the 
gold," said a top Vellore district official.
Whatsoever may the cause, the Temple location, its surroundings and the peaceful atmosphere are the added attractions for the visitors and it is sure worth to visit this place once. The Maha Laksmi Temple is now an attraction even for the tourists and pilgrimage. This temple is located at Thirumalaikodi; Katpadi is the nearest Railway station in the Chennai-Bangalore route of Southern Railway. How to reach Sripuram? It takes about 3 and half hours drive from Chennai, in the Chennai - Bangalore road. It is in the National Highways NH46 that connects Chennai - Bangalore (Bangaluru) and in NH4 from Ranipet to Bangalore.  From Katpadi, one can reach by state owned bus to Sripuram which takes about 15 minutes drive or less. Or, one can reach Thirumalaikodi  by bus from Vellore to Anicut / Odugathur route. The State run buses ply via Thirumalaikodi in this route.  From Tirupati (Tirupathi) to Katpadi, there are shuttle train services available upto Katpadi or Jolarpettai (Jolarpet Passenger) or one can travel by train from Tirupathi (Tirupati)  by Kanyakumari Express from Tirupati to Katpadi which takes less than 3 hours journey. Direct bus services available from all major points to Vellore from Chennai, Chittoor, Bangalore, Kanchipuram, Kanyakumari, Tirupathi & Thiruvannamalai - all being major Temple towns and picnic spots. Vellore is well connected by road with all the southern states viz. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala & Pondicherry. The approximate distance from each major station to Vellore is listed below for the convenience of the visitors:
Chennai - Vellore  about 150 kms (Via Sriperumpudur, Sunkuwar Chathram, Kaveripakkam, Wallajahpet, Ranipet, Arcot, Ratnagari - or Arcot by-pass from Ranipet) - 3 and half hours drive from Chennai.
Bangalore - Vellore (via Hosur) - 220 kms (On national highway routes - NH7 > via - Hosur Road - Electronic City - Attibele(NH7) - Hosur - Kamandoddi - Shoolagiri- Melumalai - Kurubarapalli - Krishnagiri > NH46> - Bargur - Vaniyambadi - Ambur - Pallikondaj - Vellore. - around 4 hours drive)
Kanchipuram - Vellore - 58 kms
Tirupathi - Katpadi - 95 kms
Ranipet - Vellore - 26 kms (via Arcot bypass - highways 22 kms)
Hyderabad - Vellore - 510 kms
Mysore - Vellore - 270 kms
Thiruvannamalai - Vellore - 85 kms
Vellore - Sripuram Sri Mahalakshmi Golden Temple - 8 KM 
While traveling through National Highways, you will find many toll gates where you need to pay toll fee at different locations, for private cars, taxis, vans etc  toll fee ranging from Rs.38 up to 65 and for busses and trucks the charges are still more. (valid for entry-exit 24 hours only).
For the benefit of the visitors, I give the route map from Katpadi to Sripuram, supplied by the Temple at the bottom of this page. 
Temple  Darshan Timings & applicable current official charges (donations!) are as below:
Darshan Timing 8 am to 8 pm on all the 365 days! For those who want to have darshan and have enough time to stand in the queue, the entry is free. There is no charges for the general public for entry and darshan. However, those who are in hurry and limited time to go through the normal darshan, there are some special arrangements made for a little fee. One can avail the available options across the counter.
The Sevas available right now  and are likely to be changed/modified by the Temple authorities as per the trustees discretion:
Swarna Pushpa Archana Seva; In this seva Archana will be done with 108 gold flowers and out of which one will be given to the devotee after the archana seva. The donation for the seva is 1508/- for a couple and 1008/- for one devotee. (All days from 0800Hrs to 2000Hrs)
Veda Parayana Seva; In this seva One devotee will be allowed to sit in front of goddess Mahalakshmi and will be given Aarthi Dharsan (Mondays to Fridays  0800 to 2000) Rs.250/ per Head 
Divya Dharsan Seva; In this seva one devotee will be permitted for Divya dharsan of Goddess Mahalakshmi. (only Dharsan- No Aarthi) Rs.100/ per head on Saturdays and Sundays and National Holidays.
Anna Dhana Seva: Rs.5004/- for four persons. In this seva, devotees can have the Arathi Seva Darshan and also blessed to distribute Prasadam to visiting devotees at the temple. Timing: 8.00 am
Gho Dhana Seva: Rs.15,000/- for four persons. Timings: Between 4.30 and 8.00 am. By donating a cow to the Ghosala, the donor is allowed to parttake in the Gho pooja at the Ghosala.
Maha Aarathi Seva: At 6.00 pm after Nivedyam, one devotee is permitted  sit before the Main Idol, Sri Mahalakshmi for this Maha Aarathi.
Sri Sooktha Homam Seva: In front of the Goddess Sannithi, at the Saheshara Deepa Mandapam, four deveotess are allowed to take part in the Sri Suktha Homam alongwith the temple priest. Timings: 9.00 to 11 am and 6.00 to 8.00 pm. The Donation charges are Rs.3006/-
Pushpa Alankara Seva: By sponsoring for floral decorations to the Main deity Sri Lakshmi Narayani, two devotees are allowed to sit in front of the main Idol. Timing: 8.00 am and the donation charge is Rs.2007/-
Abhisheka Pooja Seva: In the morning between 4.30 & 8.00 am, by donating Rs.3006/- on all days except Friday (Fridays, Rs.5004/- is charged), four devotees are permitted to take part in the routines viz. Abhishekam, Alankaram & Arathi. 
Sri Vastram Seva: If one wishes, she/he can offer a 9 yard Silk saree to Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. By this offering, one donating devotee is allowed to take part in the Arathi seva, between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm and the donation charges are Rs.10,008/-
Abishekam:  In this seva 4 members are permitted for Abisekam, Alankaram and Aarthi Dharsan Rs.3006/- on all days except Fridays (No accommodation)
Rs.5004/- on Fridays  (One Non A/c Room accommodation will be given) The accommodation facilities presently available as below:
Non AC – Rs. 500/- for  2 persons (Additional bed- 150/-) Maximum persons allowed  3 only  in  a room.
AC – Rs. 750/-- for  2 persons (Additional bed- 200/-) Maximum persons allowed  3 only  in  a room
One can send an advance DD in favour of "Narayani Siddar Peedam Charitable Trust" payable at Vellore and book for your requirements.


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